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2403, 2020

The sluggishness of the domestic market and the decline in exports keep cement factories in Catalonia to a minimum

March 24th, 2020|

The chronic lack of public works maintains the year-on-year consumption of cement in Catalonia at 2.1 million tons. Provisional statistical data collected at the end of February 2020 confirm the acute crisis in the sector, aggravated by the loss of competitiveness in international markets due to the costs of CO2 emission rights, the price of [...]

1203, 2020

The Parliament of Catalonia ratifies the energy recovery of waste in cement factories

March 12th, 2020|

Parliament endorses that cement factories make efficient use of waste. In the plenary session held on March 5, the Catalan chamber rejected the CUP's request to establish a moratorium for "all authorizations for expansions of type or quantities of waste and fuel derived from waste with any industrial destination". The rejection of this point of [...]

2402, 2020

The Catalan cement market begins 2020 with a 13% drop in January

February 24th, 2020|

The provisional statistical advances corresponding to the cement sector in January 2020 show a 13% decrease in consumption in Catalonia, with just over 157 thousand tons. The figure is even worse in terms of production, which drops 25% in the same period, with 180 thousand tons. In the mobile year record (which measures the last [...]

1002, 2020

Ciment Català proposes to the ACA and the AMB to enhance the energy recovery of sewage sludge

February 10th, 2020|

The activity of defense and promotion of Circular Economy practices in the cement industry in Catalonia has led Ciment Català to deploy a list of actions aimed at generating greater use of waste as a source of energy. In this strategic line of action they frame the meetings of January 21 that a representation of [...]

602, 2020

Cement consumption in Catalonia closes the decade with only one third of the previous

February 6th, 2020|

Although the closing of 2019 has experienced, after the decline of 2018, a growth, statistics indicate that in the second decade of the 21st century (2010-2019 period) cement consumption in Catalonia has been 21 million tons, a fall 69% compared to the 68 million tons consumed in the 200-2009 decade. This situation has been aggravated, [...]

2701, 2020

The Catalan cement industry participates in the Climate Action Summit

January 27th, 2020|

Representatives of the cement sector in Catalonia, including the president of Ciment Català Salvador Fernández Capo, have participated in the preparatory work for the first Catalan Climate Action Summit, and have attended the joint event held on January 17 in Barcelona. The summit has been a first meeting point to structure a road map, in [...]

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