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2907, 2019

Cement consumption in Catalonia grows by 9% annually and exceeds 2 million tons

July 29th, 2019|

Cement consumption in Catalonia during the period July 2018 to June 2019 has exceeded 2 million tons - for the first time since 2012 - and grows at an annual rate of 9%. The improvement of the internal market, in any case, isn’t enough for the consolidation of companies, which have a production capacity of [...]

1807, 2019

IECA challenges startups in the development of a digital identity for cement

July 18th, 2019|

IECA (Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications), with the collaboration of the EOI and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, has launched a technological challenge for startups consisting of the development of a digital identity for cement that allows its traceability and the encryption of capabilities and environmental information. Through the associated cement [...]

1507, 2019

The Advisory Council of Aggregates evaluates paradigmatic examples of quarry restoration

July 15th, 2019|

The restoration program of quarries of the Generalitat had, during 2018, a total of 445 inspections on 384 extractive activities, according to the report released at the last meeting of the Advisory Council of Aggregates of Catalonia, held in Barcelona on July 10. The Advisory Board, formed by technicians of the Catalan administration from different [...]

107, 2019

Minister Chacón knows the environmental policies of the sector in her visit to the Montcada factory

July 1st, 2019|

The Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, Maria Àngels Chacón, has seen the Circular Economy model practiced by Catalan cement factories during the visit she made to the Lafarge plant in Moncada i Reixac. This work session on June 28 is part of the Factory Visits Plan promoted by the Autonomous [...]

1806, 2019

The data of the first four-month period predict a change of trend in the market

June 18th, 2019|

The cumulative consumption of the first four months of 2019, according to the data estimated by the Cement Barometer, shows a change in trend in the Catalan market, as it has experienced a growth of almost 6% over the same period of 2018. Anyway, this increase does not yet compensate for the falls that the [...]

1706, 2019

The Catalan cement factories prevented in 2017 that 331 thousand tons of waste from the country ended up in the landfill

June 17th, 2019|

The energetic use of waste in the cement factories of Catalonia added, in 2017, 203,166 tons. This amount of materials allowed replacing 32.6% of the energy consumed, thus saving the use of fossil fuels, the main causes of global warming and Climate Change. The contribution of Catalan plants to the environment also included the use [...]

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