Ciment Català, corporate brand of the Catalan Cement Manufacturers Association, focuses its activity on the defense and representation of the sectorial interests of the associated companies and on the development of cement industry professionals. In practice, this means working with a strong service orientation that translates into a permanent commitment to people, from the employees of the factories to the neighboring population of industrial processes. The entity, as well as the product that gives meaning to its occupation (cement), considers its main responsibility to improve the living conditions of the present society and those of the generations to come, and it is based on this purpose that it has organized its activities into two areas: those dedicated to the representation of partners, and those related to the generation and distribution of technical knowledge.



  • Representation of the Catalan cement sector vis-à-vis public administrations, private entities, the media, professional associations, consumer and user organizations, cement technicians and professionals and, in general, for all Catalan civil society
  • Dialogue with the Public Administration and with private entities
  • Provision of services to associated companies
  • Preparation and publication of statistics and specific studies on the sector
  • Study of procedures to avoid or reduce the environmental impacts of the industries of the sector, maintaining a firm and consistent commitment to sustainable development
  • Management of committees of the sector and follow-up of the work of other committees


  • Internal and external technical advisory service on cement applications
  • Planning and development of campaigns of distribution and publicity
  • Contacts with professionals, consumers and technicians in the construction sector
  • Preparation and/or distribution of documentation and technical studies on cement and its applications
  • Maintenance of the technical committees of the sector and collaboration in the tasks of other committees, in the development of regulations and in research activities (R&D&I)