IECA (Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications), with the collaboration of the EOI and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, has launched a technological challenge for startups consisting of the development of a digital identity for cement that allows its traceability and the encryption of capabilities and environmental information. Through the associated cement companies, IECA will carry out the work of individual mentoring of the project, advising on the needs of the sector and facilitating the realization of industrial tests for the new product.

The challenge is open to technological startups that are working on electromagnetic tracers or equivalent radiofrequency identification systems, with the ability to integrate and process this information into a digital information platform in the cloud. The deadline for submission of applications ends on July 29 and will be made through the EOI website where you can also find detailed information on each of the 12 challenges launched. Among them are those raised by companies as relevant in their respective industrial sectors as Basf, CAF, Samsung or Airbus.

The program gives the startup the real opportunity to start collaborating with a large industrial company, and offers training through practical workshops focused on critical issues to address the key issues related to scalability, corporate negotiation, financing or networking.