The Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, Maria Àngels Chacón, has seen the Circular Economy model practiced by Catalan cement factories during the visit she made to the Lafarge plant in Moncada i Reixac. This work session on June 28 is part of the Factory Visits Plan promoted by the Autonomous Committee for Monitoring the Agreement on Sustainable Use of Resources in Catalonia (CASA), composed of employers and trade unions. The Plan plans to visit the different cement plants in the country with the companionship of the political groups represented in the Parliament of Catalonia, with the aim of showing them the commitment of the industry to transparency, sustainable development and innovation.

The president of the PdeCat, David Bonvehí, also participated In the visit to Montcada i Reixac. The political delegation has been informed of the activities of the factory and of the whole of the Catalan sector for the material and energetic use of waste, a beneficial practice for the Environment because it avoids the consumption of raw materials and fossil fuels. The visitors have also had the opportunity to visit the Turó de Montcada and the environmental restoration of the quarry of limestones, where there is no extractive activity, and which is of public use for all the people of the municipality and the environment.

During their tour of the production facilities, Chacón and Bonvehí, which have been accompanied by Isidoro Miranda, General Director LafargeHolcim Spain, by the director of the same factory, Vicente Pedro, and by representatives of Ciment Català and the unions, have also witnessed control systems and monitoring of production processes and atmospheric emissions.