“A strong, resilient, durable, affordable, powerful, local, renewable, comfortable product. A product that is progress, is our past, is our present, is our future. Concrete is our world. Our world is concrete”.

This is how the GCCA (Global Association of Cement and Concrete) describes the properties and benefits of concrete in a spectacular video edited at the end of 2018. Now, and with the collaboration of Ciment Català and Fundació CEMA, the work has been adapted to the Catalan language and can be seen on the YouTube platform.

Concrete is more than just a building material. It provides housing, connects communities, fosters commerce, provides energy, improves health, expands the mind. It is the most widely used artificial product on the planet.

For its part, the GCCA is an initiative of an industry committed to sustainability, which dedicates its efforts to reducing the impacts of cement production and promotes the unique properties of concrete as a sustainable, durable and resistant construction material. A material that will respond to the needs of an urban population that by 2050 will exceed 9 billion people.

Apart from the Catalan version, you can see this audiovisual, full of impressive images and with an extraordinary production, in Spanish and English, in addition to other languages.