The Autonomous Committee for Monitoring the Agreement on the sustainable use of resources in Catalonia (CASA) has agreed in its last working session to strengthen the dissemination activities of the sector among political representatives. The meeting, held in Barcelona on September 19, established a program of visits to cement factories for parliamentarians and leaders of Catalan political parties to present them on-site the situation of the cement industry, and its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Thus, during the first quarter of 2020, visits will be organized to the Cemex factories in Alcanar and Cementos Molins in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. For the Alcanar event, LLuís Salvadó and the local mayor, Joan Roig, will be invited on behalf of ERC. For the visit to the Cementos Molins factory, Lucas Silvano de Podemos and a representative of the PSC will be invited, as well as the mayors / mayors of the three locations where the factory is located. From the second quarter onwards, the pending visit to the Portland factory in Santa Margarida and els Monjos will be organized, to which Mayor Imma Ferret and a parliamentarian from her party, the PSC, will be convened.

The last meeting of the CASA Cataluña premiered the so-called reduced format, a work group composed of one or two people belonging to each of the three employers of the CEMA Foundation (CCOO de Construcció y Serveis, UGT-FICA and Ciment Català / Oficemen). The complete CASA will meet at least once a year.

Factory visits with political representatives began on June 28 at the Montcada i Reixac (LafargeHolcim) factory and were assisted by David Bonvehí (president of the PDeCAT) and Àngels Chacón (Consellera d’Empresa and Coneixement de la Generalitat).