Representatives of the Catalan cement industry were integrated into the Catalan delegation that participated in the Congress on Circular Economy held in Glasgow (Scotland) from October 30 to November 1. The Catalan mission, made up of 25 people from the Public Administration and economic sectors, achieved a special success at this summit, as it obtained the nomination to organize the 2020 congress in Barcelona.

The Circular Economy Hotspot is an international event that brings together professionals and companies interested in developing businesses related to the minimization of waste and the use of products out of use to integrate them, either as raw material or as an energy source, in their production processes. In the case of the cement industry, this strategic commitment has been implemented for more than a decade, and focuses on both material and energy recovery.

Organized by Zero Waste Scotland, the program of the congress included visits to pioneering Scottish companies in the reuse of waste, and the presentation of presentations led by experts in circular economy and innovation policies. The business aspect of the congress was also evident in the extensive networking opportunities that it fostered.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s prime minister, participated in the event and announced an investment package to help Scottish companies accelerate the transition to the circular economy.