Continuing the initiative launched the previous year, Ciment Català has published its Activities and Sustainability Report of 2019. The work, in digital format and accessible from any device, includes the activities carried out by the group, and also presents a summary of the magnitudes of the sector in the areas of market, environmental investments, Circular Economy, health and safety at work or public tenders, among many other statistics, updated with the latest available data.

During the year 2019, the traditional commitment to natural and environmental protection was renewed through, for example, the reduction of particle emissions from furnaces. Also with the progressive -although slow- increase in the energy recovery of waste, thus saving fossil fuel consumption and the consequent effects on global warming.

On the other hand, the exercise was characterized – from an economic and business point of view – by the loss of competitiveness of the Catalan industry, which resulted in a drop in exports. The costs of electric energy and, above all, the price of CO2 emission rights put a strain on the results of the factories, still affected by the insufficient recovery from the economic crisis of the previous decade.

The firm commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, the transparency and sustainable development policies of the associated companies, or the meetings of the Association with the political groups of the Parliament of Catalonia to stop the tax escalation suffered by the factories became other Relevant actions that Ciment Català promoted during the year 2019, and of which the Activities and Sustainability Report records.