The members of the Autonomous Committee for Monitoring the Agreement on Sustainable Use of Resources in Catalonia (CASA) have agreed to offer political groups and government officials visits to cement factories to show their commitment to transparency, sustainable development and innovation. They also agree to organize, with the leading of CEMA Foundation, meetings with the different town halls where the factories are located, once the local and regional elections pass

CASA Catalonia is made up of representatives of unions CCOO CyS and UGT-FICA and OFICEMEN employer, and during its last meeting in Barcelona on April 25 addressed, among other issues, the situation of recovery of waste in factories cement of Catalonia. The 5 plants currently in operation reached together a percentage of energy substitution of 32.6% in 2017 (higher than in 2016, which amounted to 26.3%).

The working session also served to present a summary of the eight meetings held in less than a month with different groups of the Parliament of Catalonia, ministers of the Generalitat and political parties. These meetings were intended to show the sector rejection of the draft resolution presented by Catalunya in Comú Podem, requesting the Government of the Generalitat the creation of an additional tax on the emission of greenhouse gases in cement. The proposal has been withdrawn by this parliamentary group, and the meetings have served to convey the image of a united, modern sector committed to sustainable development and innovation.