As a relevant economic actor, also due to its experience in the construction sector, Ciment Català has intervened during the month of December in two of the sessions of the participatory process that the Generalitat has launched to prepare the Roadmap of the Economy Circular in Catalonia (FREC). The project should accelerate the transformation of the country towards a circular economy that acts as a lever for economic recovery, that will include the main initiatives to be developed in order to move towards this new economic model. The contribution of Ciment Català has been carried out in the course of the meetings dedicated to the Construction and Materials sectors, and has focused so much on explaining the initiatives that are being developed along the sector’s value chain, as well as in the definition of the needs and barriers to overcome that allow to deepen in a model based on the rationalization of the cycles of the resources (materials, water and energy) and the maximization of the utility and the value of the products, components and materials at all times.

The FREC is based on a benchmark of good practices at an international level, which has involved the analysis of 37 existing roadmaps of interest to Catalonia, and a sectoral diagnosis, which has placed emphasis on the economic sectors with the greatest potential for circularity. The participatory process consists of a set of virtual debate sessions with the different sectors involved to collect proposals for lines of action and actions to be incorporated into the final document. The sectors considered are: energy, water, textiles, construction, materials, chemicals and waste.

Ciment Català contributions have included the actions of the industry in the prevention of waste generation, and the reuse and recycling of existing materials and products to avoid the consumption of virgin raw materials. Also the experiences of energy substitution of fossil fuels, which allow the use of waste as an energy source, avoiding atmospheric emissions and contributing to the management of this social and environmental problem.